Spa Treatments

No longer considered just for beautification purposes, spa services have gained mainstream popularity in reducing stress, soothing tired or sore muscles, and providing a deep felt relaxation from head to toe, allowing visitors a temporary retreat from all that ails them. The naturally diverse country of Costa Rica, allows for an even more exotic experience. The Manuel Antonio area of Costa Rica’s central Pacific Coast, with its postcard perfect beaches and lush green rainforest jungles, offers the ultimate in spa destinations.

Rising Sun Villa works exclusively with nearby Cala Spa. Famous for its fabulous views, quality products and professionally trained therapists, this beautiful spa is only a few blocks away from Rising Sun Villa. All products used at Cala Spa are organic, cruelty-free, biodegradable, and are of the highest quality.  Perched on the hillside, offering not only indoor therapy rooms with large picturesque windows to enjoy the fabulous ocean views, but they also offer fabulous outside therapy space that allow guests to float away with the natural jungle noises and ocean breezes that surround them, while being transformed to a sense of Nirvana. Prefer not to have to move? Visitors can also choose from a vast selection of spa treatments given in the privacy and comfort of your own space, be it a private rental home or your hotel room or bungalow.